At Finnick we take our time to get to know your organisation and how it works, so that we can suggest a solution that’s perfect for your office.

We strive to make office life easier and less stressful; which is why we focus on producing a bespoke solution. We’ll recommend hardware and software that will help to streamline your business further. Coupled with the replacement of old machines and a new print management strategy it will enable you to cut costs immediately.

Over time, enhancing and improving your processes will almost certainly lead to savings both in terms of paper, ink usage and staff time.

Cutting Your Costs Infographic

Cutting Your Costs

 There are a number of things we can usually put in place to reduce your spend on printing, including:

  • New machines are much more efficient than older ones, so introducing the latest technology will immediately cut your costs.
  • Automating processes – for example we can set an Outlook default so only the first thread of an email is printed, rather than printing the entire interaction.
  • Automatic default to mono printing and/or duplex printing. Opting for both will generally save around 30% on print spend.
  • Introducing new software to improve workflows and save your staff time.


Please read our case studies to see how we’ve helped specific clients cut print costs and save time. Could we help you to do this in your organisation?

Want to cut your costs?