Nearly every office, large or small, relies on large quantities of paper. So to help you be more environmentally friendly we’ve put together our top tips to help reduce the amount of paper and printing products that you’re using…

  1. Use both sides of the paper
  2. Reuse unwanted paper or shred it
  3. Reuse boxes
  4. Offer paper recycling
  5. Avoid colour printing when not appropriate – colour print tends to use more ink which means more waste
  6. Print in draft mode – draft mode will lighten the shade but you will still be able to read your copy clearly
  7. Distribute memos via email – this gives employees the option about whether to print the memo or not
  8. Store manuals, policies and other documents online – it isn’t necessary to print multiple employee handbooks. Allow employees to access PDF copies at their leisure.
  9. Reduce margins – this will reduce paper and therefore be less printing.
  10. Draft documents can be reviewed, edited and shared on screen.

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