PaperCut is a new and easy print management software that we have recently adopted. This straightforward and powerful product helps you to easily manage your users and your printers! Track and keep on top of your printers usage and user behaviour, securely print your documents AND reduce your paper waste by using this great new product.

Untitled-3PaperCut has 6 powerful ways of boosting existing print setup:

  1. Print Visibility – You can instantly see who is printing, what they have printed, when it was printed and from which device. This can allow you to clamp down on who is printing the most documents!
  1. Print Policies – You can create intelligent rules to limit user behaviour and enforce sensible policies that can be pre-built to fix your little problems e.g. double sided printing
  1. Document and Device Security – Protect your sensitive documents with ‘Find-Me’ printing. Devices can be secured with user authentication allowing you to print securely while at the device!
  1. Cost Control – Costs can be tracked by user, department, client or custom shared accounts which can allow you to lower your costs! You could further this by allocating print quotas and balances, meaning when it’s gone, it’s gone!!
  1. User Tools – This is a great way to help users print responsibly and easily! You can allow users to print from multiple devices such as web browsers or mobile devices. Sharing the environmental impact with the users could encourage responsible printing. This can be found on the environmental dashboard that could be used to shape behaviour!
  1. BYOD Printing (Bring Your Own Device) – You can get your mobile print solutions under control with easy tools such as Google Cloud Print, email-to-print, iOS printing and Web Print!

How does it do this? Well… PaperCut comes already installed on all our multifunction devices and provides a print and copier management solution.

If this appeals to you… please give us a call on 01242 546940 or email