Who are we?

After all this time, we thought it was about time for a proper introduction…

We are Finnick Solutions, one of three companies involved in Finnick Group – the powerhouse of design and print. We provide photocopiers, prints and bespoke print solution to businesses both locally and nationally.

If you want to make your office life easier and less stressful, you’ve come to the right place!

We are bright bunch of hardware and software professionals that can help ease your day-to-day work by recommending the best products for you and your budget. Our print management strategies are designed to help keep your money in your pockets! This instantaneously cutting your costs and your savings will often cover the cost of new equipment.

How do we know what you need?

In order to understand you and your business, we will conduct a Print Audit. This will allow us to see exactly how you work and what you need.

How can we give you hassle free printing?

To help give you hassle free printing, we start by looking at how we can make your offices more efficient. After installing your machines we can remotely monitor them and any error codes come straight through to us! Often this will be before you even notice, most issues can be dealt with remotely or if not we will be prompt to get it sorted! Remote controlling also allows us to be informed of information such as toner levels – when you’re running low, we get a email enabling us to order more! We’ll deliver it straight to your door in plenty of time. This means no more worrying about running out or having to dash to get more!

Save your money, save your waste, save your staff time, by coming to have a chat to us! If this peaks your interest… please give us a call on 01242 546940 or email sales@finnick.co.uk