Is the stress of managing your business’s printing too time-consuming?
Are you looking for a trustworthy printing package at a low, fixed fee?

Do you want a hassle-free way to remain in control of your company’s printing?

Let Finnick365 take care of all your printing needs.

Finnick365 is a full serviced printing package designed to cut hassle, money and waste. It enables you to print as much as you like, stress-free with no hidden costs. Not only will you have your choice of Epson printer, the package also includes on-site maintenance, automatic supply delivery, and a print management portal – all you have to do is add paper!

The Sustainable Choice

By choosing Finnick365 you will experience the benefits of Epson’s PrecisionCore and Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) technologies. Switching to Epson’s inkjet devices will reduce your need for user intervention, meaning you could see a decrease of up to 96% in your energy usage and could reduce your company’s waste by up to 94%. This sustainable and productive printing system will provide you with the best return on your investment whilst minimising your business’s environmental impact.

Personalised Packages

Finnick365 has a package designed for every business. We offer free-of-charge assessments to automatically track your company’s print volume, selecting which package is best suited for you.
Financially, our packages are structured in a monthly fee. However, you will be invoiced on a quarterly basis to provide your business with greater leniency. This means you will not have the stress of going over your monthly print volume within a calendar quarter. There are no hidden costs, just a small charge for any extra pages should you exceed your quarterly print volume.


Our ‘All-You-Can-Eat-Print’ service is perfect for larger-scaled printing jobs. It gives you the freedom of virtually unlimited printing without any incurring extra cost – meaning you can print what you want, when you want!
Each package means you will have a worry-free printing period of 36 months, and includes an Epson Workforce Pro RIPS (Replacable ink Pack system) business A3-inket printer, unlimited ink and full on-site service and support.
By paying a single, fixed quarterly fee, you can eradicate all practical, printing limits. Whatever size, colour or time of day you print is up to you! The ‘All-You-Can-Eat-Print’ package also means your scanning and copying is unlimited – your printing prayers have been answered!

Hear what our customers have to say!

‘Brilliant concept and idea.  Just like my mobile phone contract and such great value’

‘We have only ever had a minor problem once, and the speed and quality of the call out service was outstanding’

‘Great idea.  A professional printer with all functions and speed but at the cost of a home device’