What is Finnick Group?

A collective of four companies that brings together a power house of design and print. This combination allows us to offer you a solution from beginning to end with complete control.

A Brief Introduction…


Leaders in print for over 25 years; Typecraft are known for providing high quality digital and large format print.

To find out more visit: www.typecraft.co.uk

Finnick Creative

A full service creative agency that specialises in graphic design and websites

To find out more visit: www.finnickcreative.co.uk

Finnick Solutions

Specialising in responsive websites that work flawlessly across all platforms. Our outstanding sites are built and designed to meet all client requirements.

To find out more visit: www.tiger-fish.com

Finnick Solutions


And of course Finnick Solutions! A provider of printers, photocopiers and bespoke managed solutions to business locally and nationally.

Find out more at… www.finnick.co.uk