Why not treat your office to the latest Epson technology this Christmas!

Not only will you streamline your workflow but you’ll also see a reduction in printing costs and carbon footprint!

Epson Printers

By choosing Epson’s WorkForce Pro printers you are selecting models designed for business. Epson understands the ever-advancing needs of corporations, and continues to improve its range of printers accordingly. Epson’s software solutions mean you can directly and remotely systematise your printers in the most efficient for your business.

The WorkForce Pro models are rated highly for reliability, ease of network set-up and ease of use. This positive feedback ensues from qualities such as the models being comparably quieter than laser printers, water-resistant printing, and the ability to prevent your office from becoming uncomfortably stuffy by not using heat.

New Epson Projectors for business and education sectors

Epson is thrilled to announce the launch of seven new projectors for business and education users. These new machines are bright, vivid 3LCD models which deliver large, scalable screen sizes, easy connectivity and reliable, durable performance. With a simple set up and flexibility to cope with a variety of room sizes and lighting conditions, these new standard throw projectors are perfect for presentations both in classrooms and boardrooms.


WorkForce Pro business inkjet printers are as high-quality as laser or colour copiers, but up to three and a half times faster. No warm up time is needed, increasing the efficiency of your business’s printing further. Any job is made easy by users being able to swipe their individual card or enter their PIN number for instant, efficient printing.

Printing Costs

Epson has a sustainable procurement policy which sets out their standards, and those they ask their suppliers to follow. First, they advocate an effective use of paper and other recycled pulp. Thanks to modern recycling methods, recycled paper offers a high-quality alternative, equal to paper produced from virgin pulp.


Do you want a hassle-free way to remain in control of your company’s printing? Let Finnick365 take care of all your printing needs.

Finnick365 is a full serviced printing package designed to cut hassle, money and waste. It enables you to print as much as you like, stress-free with no hidden costs. Not only will you have your choice of Epson printer, the package also includes on-site maintenance, automatic supply delivery, and a print management portal – all you have to do is add paper!

Finnick Solutions

As the main Epson supplier for the South West, Finnick Solutions is proud to be your ‘go-to’ for office equipment. We pride ourselves in providing local schools and offices with the highest-quality of printers, projectors and scanners.

Finnick Solutions have been awarded the prestigious Gold Plus Business Partner status with Epson. Managing Director, Chris Stock, has more than 25 years’ experience in the print and photocopier industry. We work with clients in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas from financial, legal and business sectors. These include accountants, solicitors and other legal and professional services.


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