Epson | Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

The reigning Formula One world champions thank Epson’s Workforce Pro.

A vital component for competing at the top of any industry is reliability and efficiency, which is what makes Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and Epson a perfect match.

Need for reliability

“Our car has to be reliable and efficient to perform. If we don’t have that we don’t win, and we expect the same from any technology we use. When it came to upgrading our printers across the business these were the key attributes we were looking for, and Epson ticked all those boxes.” – Mike Harris, Head of IT at Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport.

Due to the nature of the sport in which they operate, it is critical that Epson’s printers deliver the information Mercedes AMG need at the right time, as Mike continues to explain:

“The printers at the track are critical for the engineers and drivers. We rely on them to give data to the team. In Formula 1 the only way you improve is with data, and the data has to be in real time. If the electronic data we receive on screen fails, we need printers. These are so crucial on race day we actually have two, one just in case as a backup, though we have never needed to use it as the Epson WorkForce Pro printers never fail!”


Epson’s Workforce Pro range uses inkjet technology which allows high quality printing in extreme conditions. The easy set up and long-lasting ink of the Workforce Pro RIPS devices save the Mercedes AMG team crucial time each race weekend, especially when every second counts.


Need for efficiency

With time of great importance for Mercedes, it is crucial that maintenance on their machines is kept to a minimum. Their switch from laser printers to inkjet saved the team valuable time due to their ease of movement when in transit – a reccurring issue with the laser printers was that print heads were repeatedly damaged, the switch alleviated this.

Another great benefit of Epson printers for the on-track team is that they use much less power than previous laser printers; with unreliable power outlets, Mercedes AMG can ensure their power saved for other vital equipment. Similarly, the standardised machines mean that no matter where the employee is, be it Sao Paulo or Brackley, they can colour-copy, scan, or print A3 and A4 without any hassle – again saving valuable time and minimising confusion across the organisation.


Epson are extremely proud of their synergy with Mercedes AMG Motorsport and hope we can continue our mutual success long into the future.


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