Cutting Your Costs

The aim of our work here is to get to know your organisation and how it works so we can find you the best solution at our best price! Our personally tailored plans involve recommending hardware and software that will streamline your business into the most efficient working environment possible.

Here at Finnick Solutions we have a number of things we can put in place to reduce your costs. The main four are as follows:


  • New Machinery – The latest technology is far more efficient than older ones so putting in new machinery will immediately cut your costs.
  • Automating Processes – This allows you to save money on print and energy costs e.g. setting Outlook on a default so only the first thread of an email is printed, rather than printing the entire interaction.
  • Automatic default to mono printing and/or duplex printing – This could allow you to save approximately 30% on print budget.
  • New Software – This will ensure improved workflows and also save on staff time.