Finnick Solutions have been awarded the prestigious Gold Plus Business Partner status with Epson – as a result of this, Chris Stock, Managing Director of Finnick Solutions, will be meeting Mr. Kazuyoshi Yamamoto, the president of Epson Europe, on the 14th June at the Epson headquarters in Hemel Hempstead. This meeting celebrates Finnick Solutions continued support and affiliation with Epson. The Epson Partner Programme is a mutually beneficial scheme which helps both Finnick Solutions and Epson to grow their businesses and increase market share.

In addition to this, Finnick Solutions have also become a centre of excellence for the distribution of Epson products and an Education and Public Sector Partner – this means that Finnick Solutions have shown excellence in supplying products to the public and education sectors. Within these areas Finnick Solutions have displayed ways of supplying Epson technology to help beat budget restrictions, work more efficiently and deliver the best possible service.

Why Partner with Epson?

Epson has always been at the forefront of technology. Founded in 1942 as a small watchmaking factory – Daiwa Kogyo Ltd. (later Seiko). Seiko technology inspired the subsidiary company Epson, whose printers, were the first of which was launched in 1968 as the electronic printer (EP). The EP was quickly followed by the EP-101 (the first and world’s smallest commercial printer, the EP’s “son”). Therefore, Epson was born!

The 1990s saw Epson Europe establish itself in Amsterdam, and became the European headquarters of Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation. Today, Epson operate in 94 countries worldwide, delivering products built on their piezoelectric technology, while aiming to enhance the lives of Epson customers.

By partnering with Epson, Finnick Solutions are able to supply innovative, convenient and easy-to-use products that can be used anytime and anywhere. These products will be able to help customers and businesses reduce waste, save time and resources, and contribute to a sustainable society.

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