Inkjet printing is simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Traditionally, this printing method has only been regarded as appropriate for domestic-use, with corporations often opting for laser devices instead. However, Epson has combined their expertise in commercial printing with inkjet’s durability, low-energy consumption and high quality printing to create their range of WorkForce Pro Printers. Thanks to PrecisionCore, a scalable technology used in industrial methods, your workplace can now benefit from all the advantages inkjet printing has over laser devices.

The straightforward, fundamental principle behind inkjet printing is the ‘ejection’ of ink onto the paper from Piezo the print head. Laser printing is a more complex method, involving numerous stages and multiple interdependent parts.

To make your decision simpler, we have compiled the benefits of the WorkForce Pro business inkjet printers below.


WorkForce Pro business inkjet printers are as high-quality as laser or colour copiers, but up to three and a half times faster. No warm up time is needed, increasing the efficiency of your business’s printing further. Any job is made easy by users being able to swipe their individual card or enter their PIN number for instant, efficient printing.


With WorkForce Pro business inkjet A4 printers being up to 50% lower in cost per page than colour lasers with high-capacity ink cartridges, it’s safe to say they are the most cost-effective choice. Independent tests have shown that in comparison to competitive colour-lasers, you could get up to double as many prints with Epson’s WorkForce Pro models.

Greener printing

Inkjet printers are far more eco-friendly than laser technologies.

60,000 UK households could be powered by a nationwide switch from laser to inkjet.

No heat is used in the inkjet printing process, keeping your company’s energy consumption down and making it easier meet environmental targets. Unlike laser printers, inkjet adopts the Piezo system – high-temperature heating is not required to fix toner onto the paper. You could see your business use up to 96% less energy and 94% less waste, meaning not only will your wallet thank you, but the environment will too!

Designed for business

By choosing Epson’s WorkForce Pro models you are selecting printers purposefully designed for business. Epson understands the ever-advancing needs of corporations, and continues to improve its range of printers accordingly. Epson’s software solutions mean you can directly and remotely systematise your printers in the most efficient for your business.

The WorkForce Pro models are rated highly for reliability, ease of network set-up and ease of use. This positive feedback ensues from qualities such as the models being comparably quieter than laser printers, water-resistant printing, and the ability to prevent your office from becoming uncomfortably stuffy by not using heat.

A laser printer requires continual maintenance due to its multi-step printing process. However, there are only three parts of an inkjet printer which require periodic replacement; the ink cartridges, the maintenance box, and the paper pick-up rollers.[1] As these can be replaced quickly, you will see a reduction in your printer maintenance time and therefore an increase in your business productivity. Compared to lasers, Epson printers reduce downtime by up to two thirds.

[1] WorkForce Pro WF-8500 series, WF-8000 series and WF-6000 series


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