Why choose a print maintenance contract?

Maintenance contracts can sometimes be a little mind-boggling but there are many benefits you can get out of it for yourself and your business.

Benefits of Maintenance contracts:

  • Guaranteed repair time to keep your printer and production running
  • Telephone support to resolve issues quickly
  • Technical expertise
  • All standard parts and labour costs covered by the maintenance contract
  • Printers repaired by fully qualified and accredited engineers

But how do they work?

Well… with each purchase of a machine we will offer a maintenance contract to run alongside your printer or photocopier. This contract can be for a short, medium or long period of time. This contract means that we will charge you a small amount, in pence, per print whether it’s for mono or colour. Do not fret about this small cost, as it covers all toner and parts that may need replacing in the long run!

This all-inclusive contract covers everything apart from additional products such as paper. With this contract you can rest assured that you’ll have hassle free printing.

As well as this we can also recommend changes in your workplace that will reduce your costs and time!

Once installed, monitor and manage all machines remotely, so any errors will be sent directly to us via email. Most problems can be dealt with remotely but if not, we will send one of our trained engineers to your business immediately.

If you’re having issues with your current machine this could be the perfect resolution for you!

If you want to know more call Finnick Solutions on… 01242 546940