Epson receives EcoVadis Gold rating for sustainability


Finnick Solutions would like to congratulate Epson for being awarded the Gold rating for sustainability by independent platform EcoVadis. The rating, which reflects Epson’s commitment to achieving the highest possible international CSR standards, also acknowledges Epson as being “outstanding” in both the Environment and Sustainable Procurement categories and complements other standards the Company adheres to including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000.

Finnick Solutions is proud to be the main supplier of Epson technology to the South-West of England. As well as providing state-of-the-art office equipment, one of Epson’s priorities is to increase the sustainability of office environments.

Epson believes that seemingly small changes can have a big impact on the environmental and social footprint of an organisation, which is why its four innovation areas – printing, robotics, visual communications, and wearables – are centred on supporting the needs of businesses across Europe.

In fact, Epson’s range of business inkjet printing technology is helping customers reach their environmental, financial and societal aspirations. If companies make the choice to invest in inkjet printing technologies, they can achieve up to 99% less waste, zero ozone gasses, 92% less CO2, and 96% less energy compared with using a laser printer[1]. Put into context that means if all businesses switched to inkjet printing, enough energy would be saved up to run at least 507,000 households across Europe.


It is essential to understand your company’s current environmental impact as a first step to implement change. Finnick365 is a full serviced printing package designed to cut hassle, money and waste. It enables you to print as much as you like, stress-free with no hidden costs. Not only will you have your choice of Epson printer, the package also includes on-site maintenance, automatic supply delivery, and a print management portal – all you have to do is add paper! By choosing Finnick365 you will experience the benefits of Epson’s PrecisionCore and Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) technologies. This sustainable and productive printing system will provide you with the best return on your investment whilst minimising your business’s environmental impact.

Not only is a low carbon footprint essential for the future of our planet, in recent years it has also become key part of business strategy. With global leaders putting incredible emphasis on the importance of sustainability – it is impossible to ignore the responsibility we have as corporations.

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[1] 1) As tested by BLI over two months to February 2017, against a selection of competing machines, as commissioned by Epson. For more information visit: