One of Finnick Solutions’ oldest and most loyal clients is Hughes Paddison Solicitors, a personal and commercial law firm based in Cheltenham.

The firm came to Finnick Solutions many years ago hoping to reduce printing costs and make their working practices more efficient. After a full print audit Finnick Solutions supplied them with modern, more cost-effective printers throughout their offices. We also made a number of positive recommendations to help them improve their workflows.


Key improvements included:

  • Introducing “Follow Me Print”enabling a member of staff to send their printing from their desktop computer and then choose a printer. If that first printer is busy they can move to another machine that is not in use, wave their card, and print there. This works across different offices within the same firm, making it possible for staff to send their printing before they leave for a meeting and then print it once they arrive.
  • Adding automated software to enable the firm to bill individual clients for printing costs using a ‘matter number’.
  • Post is immediately scanned in each morning and delivered to each partner electronically.
  • Less printing and less paper usage has led to reduced off-site filing and storage, which has also reduced costs.


“We have dealt with Finnick Solutions for many years. Chris originally conducted a print audit as we had different types of desktop printers and photocopiers. They installed several multi-functional devices and removed all desktop printers. This allowed us to pass the management of printers over to them whilst reducing our costs by over 30%. We have recently added Papercut software to control and account for print by department and by user. A very professional company and a pleasure to deal with.” Jane Brothwood, Managing Director, Hughes Paddison Solicitors


You may want to cut your printing costs and reduce paper usage, but it’s most likely that your main aim is to make office life easier and less stressful.

Finnick Solutions’ goal is to understand what you do, so we can recommend hardware and software that will help to streamline your business. Replacing out of date machines alongside a new print management strategy will enable you to cut costs immediately and the savings will often cover the costs of new equipment. Over time, enhancing and improving your processes will lead to savings both in terms of paper and ink usage as well as staff time.

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