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You may want to cut your printing costs and reduce paper usage, but it’s most likely that your main aim is to make office life easier and less stressful.

Our goal is to understand what you do, so that we can recommend hardware and software that will help to streamline your business. Replacing out of date machines alongside a new print management strategy will enable you to cut costs immediately and the savings will often cover the costs of new equipment.

Over time, enhancing and improving your processes will lead to savings both in terms of paper and ink usage as well as staff time.

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… a combination of Solicitors, Accountants , IFAs & Other Professional Services.

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‘Friendly knowledgeable company who provided informed and clear guidance and support. Reliable and trustworthy. Which makes them stand out in my book!’


Chris Stock, MD Finnick Group

Chris Stock, MD Finnick Group

Chris Stock, MD Finnick Group It is with great sadness that we announce that Chris Stock, Managing Director and great friend of Finnick Group/Typecraft sadly passed away on Sunday 23rd September after a short, but mighty battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Much loved...

Projectors – Glossary of Terms

Projectors – Glossary of Terms

Making the switch from flat-screen to projector isn't an easy transition, neither is purchasing a projector if you've never used one or bought one before. We firmly believe that Projectors trump Flat Screens in 99% of scenarios, but getting your head around the...

Epson Technology for Retail

Epson Technology for Retail

EPSON Technology Solutions for Retail. Epson technologies are designed to create more engaging, effective customer service to create valuable and memorable customer experiences to support staff in retail. Epson’s integrated solutions are designed to alleviate and...

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